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About Us

In creating Constructive Eating, we had families, like ours, in mind. From the early stages of feeding, to doing it all on their own, we use fun and functionality to bring the joy of eating back to the table.

Engineering Fun from the Start

It all began when our son fell in love with construction. Our whole house had transformed into a construction site: toy dump trucks parked in the living room. Power Cranes and cement trucks covered the carpets and sheets in his bedroom. Fork lifts replaced rubber ducks in the bathtub. It was only a matter of time before the trucks made their way to the kitchen, too.

One day, we found our son on the floor using his breakfast cereal as rubble for his bulldozer. That gave us an idea: what if breakfast, lunch, and dinner could become rubble for real? What if forks, spoons, and pushers were the “machines”? We put on our entrepreneurial hardhats and made the first fleet of Constructive Eating trucks.

Building Something for Everyone

The construction line has gone on to win several awards including The Toy Man’s Seal of Excellence and Dr. Toy’s Best Childrens’ Products. Now, we continue to create award-winning products praised by medical professionals, parents, and little ones alike.

Even though Constructive Eating has grown, we never want to lose sight of what’s important. Everything is sourced and manufactured in the United States. Packaging is made from recyclable material. Orders are filled by local students who are given professional guidance throughout their employment. For more information on where our products are manufactured, visit our Made in the USA page.

Today, the two of us still own and operate Constructive Eating. Each new product is dreamed up with the same child-like wonder that inspired us so many years ago. Rigorous material testing, a creative design environment, and plenty of hard work, ensure that every detail is as perfect for your little one as we’d want for our own.

From our family to yours, we hope our work can bring you the same laughter and fun that we have enjoyed.

Happy Eating,
Carter and Jackie Malcolm, Founders of Constructive Eating