It might be the second full day of spring, but it’s going to be a while before we escape the winter root veggies! That’s alright with us, because we’ve seen multicolored carrots at just about every supermarket. Those beautiful sticks of yellow, red, purple, and orange are just begging to have their color pallet flaunted. What better way than a bouncy, flouncy, swirly, curly salad?! This multicolored salad is French inspired and super simple.

Eye, you can see it’s just a mutant

It’s always interesting to look back at the history behind what we view as “normal”. Although we associate them with being orange, carrots traditionally had been white or purple until selective mutant breeding enhanced the orange we know today. Orange carrots were higher in vitamins and less bitter than their white and yellow brothers, and cooks liked that they didn’t make their pots purple!

However, there are lots of benefits to the other colors of the carrot rainbow! Everyone knows carrots are good for your eyes, and that’s because of the lutein found in orange and yellow carrots. Lutein is a hydroxy carotenoid that makes up macular pigment in human retinas. A typical age-related decline is macular degeneration, and carrots can help fight this! Zanthophyllls is also found in yellow and orange carrots and is also linked to eye health. Lycopene is found in red carrots and tomatoes, it’s a type of carotene that can prevent heart disease and possibly reduce the risk of some cancers. Anthocyanins are in purple carrots which act as a powerful antioxidant.

Okay, you don’t have to twist my arm

Kids love the fun twist (literally) of the spiralizer, and it will save YOU time spent meticulously chopping or grating veggies. Noodles are every kid’s favorite, so why not make them veggie noodles! Spirals are a fun way to get different foods into the diet of your little one, they will love slurping up the long curls!

Traditionally, French Carrot Salad has a dressing of dijon, oil, honey, lemon, salt, and some olive oil. For this version, we just used a store bought champagne vinaigrette that had the same warm, sweet, tangy essence. Feel free to enhance this recipe suggestion in any way you please! Many French carrot salads will be served with golden raisins, which make the dish even sweeter.

Curly Carrot Salad Recipe


  • 4-5 multicolored carrots
  • salt to soften
  • 1/4 cup champagne vinaigrette

Spiralize carrots, run a knife through them to break up any absurdly long noodles (we made one about three feet long!!) and add a sprinkle of salt to them. If you don’t want a super crunchy salad, this will help them soften up. Simply mix with your favorite dressing and call it a day!