Luna Archey
February 14, 2017

Do you remember making potato stamps as a kid? They were one of my favorite ways to craft, because I could cover even more things with paint than with a little brush! Lucky for us, there’s another root veggie that works even better. The bright magenta tint of beets transfers well to paper (and to your fingers so be sure not to get finger prints all over the page (or do and make little thumbprint hearts with the mistakes!))

While concocting the recipes for yesterday’s blog post, I discovered just how powerful the tint of beets is and thought it would make the perfect craft! The kitchen still has a few drops of bright pink scattered about, but I was actually pretty sad to wash out my pretty roasting dish that looked like a lovely stained glass window.

Not only is the color on point for V-Day, but beets have been associated with love, lust, and wealth for ages. A known aphrodisiac, there is an old tale that if a man and woman eat from the same beet then they will fall in love. In Greek and Roman times, beets were worth their weight in silver and would be sacrificed to the god Apollo in hopes of being granted riches.

Those beets weren’t nearly as lovely as today’s – does that mean they’re even more powerful when it comes to love? Through selective breeding to enhance it’s color, the modern round beet as we know it appeared in 16th century Europe where it was used to color bland food and sweeten desserts. Today, up to 30% of the world’s sugar comes from sugar beet production. Valentine’s Day sweets wouldn’t be nearly as yummy without this little super veggie!

This simple Valentine’s craft is perfect for all ages, just make sure that little ones with wandering fingers are protected from the good furniture or you might have some new pink decor (the color washes out quite easily with cold water and dishwashing soap so don’t freak if it happens to get on something!). Slice up different sizes of beets and cut into heart shapes. Lay onto the spot you want a heart and cover with a paper towel or scrap piece of paper. Press HARD especially around the edges to ensure maximum color transfer.

Send us your photos of your creation, we would love to see your creativity and puns!